My Sister Struggled with Her Weight

My sister has struggled with weight issues for most of her life. I hated seeing her battle it every day because it really wreaked havoc on her self esteem. I finally decided to help her win her battle, because she was hurting herself by thinking she was not good enough. I knew that the only way to get her to change was by feeling better about herself, and that is how I found myself looking at some Garcinia Cambogia reviews on my computer one night a few months ago.

I had heard about Garcinia Cambogia being associated with weight loss, but I really did not know anything else about it. Read more…

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The ultimate incentives of Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is  becoming very popular nowadays.The prime reason is the marvelous results that come with the surgery. Usually Tummy Tuck is popular amongst those moms whose stomach muscles tend to lose shape after pregnancy or if they develop stretch marks. The interesting aspect is that Tummy Tuck is very popular amongst celebrities who want to give this attractive picture. Another popular name for Tummy Tuck is Liposuction. We will just unveil the benefits of Tummy Tuck so that you would be able to opt with a clear picture and the right bent of mind. Moreover, there are several health benefits of Liposuction apart from the cosmetic benefits.

The attractive advantages of Liposuction

  • If you are craving to look slim and trim then your perfect remedy may be Liposuction. If you want to know more details you should look into tummy tuck san diego and surf through This way you will know the details about this process.
  • Sometimes Tummy Tuck will be the perfect solution to fungal infections and skin rashes. Once the excess skin will be removed it would bring an end to the infection and the skin rashes.
  • The excess skin on the abdomen  may also be a factor in back pain. Once the excess skin from the abdomen is removed it can significantly help to reduce that pain.
  • Once the fat cells in the belly are removed through a Liposuction this can be very helpful to keep the body free of toxins. Moreover, it would also have a vital impact on the functioning of the body organs.
  • Till now we have just analyzed the cosmetic and physical benefits of Liposuction. Sometimes your remain demoralized and depressed because of your physical appeal. You are reluctant to dress up the fancy just because of the fact that you feel that your figure will present a poor picture because of the sagging skin on your tummy. Liposuction is the best approach when you are going through this mental trauma. You just do not have to live with the pain when a solution exists in real. 

However, it is essential that you should get your health condition evaluated before opting for this process. You need to be aware of the necessary risks as well so that you can take your decision in the light of facts. You should even try to gain adequate knowledge about plastic surgeon beverly hills and it would not be a bad idea to look through This way you can take your first step towards Tummy Tuck with vision. It is also essential that you should list down your questions for your doctor when you plan your tummy tuck. This way you would be pleased with the end results. Do list down all your queries so that you can ask all the necessary questions from your doctor. This way when you will be opting for the tummy tuck you will be less apprehensive. Therefore, make your life better by opting for tummy tuck.

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Buying Another Country’s Debt

What is debt? In general, debt is obligation that is needed to be repaid in the broadest sense of the word, but it does not exactly require a monetary value as it is referred to most of the time. It can be paid in the form of favors or other reciprocative gestures that may give rise to opportunities for both the creditor and the debtor. A interesting analogy would that be of the debt that the United States owes to China totaling to the amount of $1.268 trillion dollars which was incurred by the U.S. in the past 3 years. As of August, 2013, China presently owns 23% of the all the foreign debts that the United States owes other foreign countries, taking into account a total of $5.59 trillion dollars which America owes other countries. For the last 3 years now, China has been holding on to more than $1 trillion dollars of U.S. Debt, acquired by the Chinese government through buying and selling of Treasury notes from the American government.

So, how did the United States end up being indebted to China in the first place? As it turns out, China was more than willing to buy into a large part of the U.S. Debt. China’s opportunity to buy into U.S. Treasury notes strengthens it’s economic growth by keeping the Chinese yuan slightly weaker than the dollar which keeps Chinese products that are exported to the U.S. Market cheaper and more competitive than the products made in the United States, creating more jobs for the Chinese economy. It does come as a surprise on why the United States had allowed China to buy 23% of it’s foreign debt. The reason was on how Chinese products were priced lower than American made products as the American people were very easily enticed by low consumer products.

The United States sold it’s debt to China for reasons of economic growth, enabling it to fund their federal government programs which also keeps U.S. Interest rates low and manageable. Despite of the obvious economic advantages that is being beneficial to both countries, it seems that China is now emerging as a strong world economy, tipping the balance of economic power to it’s own advantage. What can China possibly gain from this? China tries to control the strength of it’s currency, the yuan, so that it is slightly weaker than the dollar. Part of China’s economic strategy is to keep it’s export prices lower which gives it a more competitive edge over other manufacturing and exporting countries. It can do this by controlling their currency at a fixed rate compared to other international currencies that fluctuate along with the world economy.

It has been the general practice of Chinese business people to buy more when the prices are low and they had been doing these for hundreds of years even before the time of the emergence of the Western economies. When the trading price of the dollar falls, that is the time that the Chinese government uses some of it’s extra accumulated dollars to buy treasury notes, which in effect, increases the demand for the U.S. Dollar, thus increasing it’s value. Added to that, in conjunction with China’s agreement with the U.S. Government, China will redeem U.S. Dollars for their yuan with a fixed rate. With this precept, a country like China must have a vast supply of American dollars to be able to achieve such a feat.

China owes their economic growth for being a good accountant, and how to become an accountant means understanding the principle of how debt, in this case, how foreign debt can work in favor for your country’s economy. You may say that China has now become America’s biggest creditor, which gives China an obvious political and financial leverage apart from the rest of the world as it holds America’s debt in it’s hands. China has even given some suggestive inclinations of selling part of it’s debt holdings which can trigger a rise of the interest rates that will slow down the economic growth of the United States. The frequent fluctuations of the U.S. Dollar also affects the debt that China holds over the U.S. Economy as it can raise or lower the value of the treasury notes that it has bought.

China will not sell off all of America’s debt as it knows that it will also affect their ow economy as well. This sort ODF actuation will lower the demand for the U.S. Dollar and will cause a global financial crisis much worst than the recent 2008 financial collapse, which not only will affect China and the United States, but the whole world as well. China’s ability to hold the United States in regards to it’s debt is working so well that it has resulted in an annual 10% growth for the past 3 years. In fact, it is now the 3rd largest economy in the world trailing behind the United States and the European Union. China is now the worlds largest exporter in the world to date and despite a low per capita income of only $9,100 dollars a year per person compared to that of $ 49,000 dollars a year for a person working in the United States. This low salary standard attracts foreign manufacturers to China, allowing these manufacturers to pay lower salary rates that optimizes production and profit.

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I Was Able to Get Straightened Teeth

I have never had a great smile. Even though my teeth were in great condition, they were crooked. It was not really all that bad, but I was extremely self conscious about it because all of my friends had perfectly straight teeth. I decided after getting a job that I was going to see a san jose orthodontist to see if there was anything that could be done about my smile. I knew that kids are the typical candidates for braces, but I had seen an occasional adult with a set of braces on too.

While I was not looking forward to walking around with a mouth full of metal, I was looking less forward to not having a nice smile at all. I was still single at this time, and I had a feeling that my lack of a smile was one of the main reasons for that. What guy wants to get to know a girl better when she doesn’t smile very much at all.

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It’s Always Like Father and Son

My father and I have some crazy adventures sometimes. We’ve gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve climbed to the top of Mount Everest, and we’ve even skydived together. I guess the thrill for adventure runs in our blood. With all of our great adventures, we also have our fair share of injuries. While running with the bulls, I got a broken ankle, and my father sprained his arm while para sailing. We both pulled a back muscle while going through a popular obstacle course and had to visit a chiropractor in walnut creek.

It’s amazing that out of all the adventures that we had, a simple obstacle course was the thing to give us back problems.

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How Much Should You Expect To Earn As An Ultrasound Technician?

Learning how to become an ultrasound technician is a great path to starting a career in the medical field. Of course, it does require a certain amount of education. This should in no way deter you from pursuing this amazing career because as you will see, the rewards are awesome.


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Equity in Medical Care

Equity in Medical CareThe healthcare system of any country is normally weighed down by a lot of problems which runs the whole scope from funding to the number of available physicians. Finding a middle ground is an almost impossible task. New Zealand’s healthcare structure while far from being perfect, places high on the list of efficient health systems.

Martin Shore generously contributed this post for us. He is the main author of Ultrasound Technician Training and also writes regularly for other sites like Radiology Technician Schools in California and Ultrasound Technician Course and many other topics. He has done extensive research on the impact of diagnostic procedures to healthcare delivery systems and is quite enthusiastic about sharing his discoveries. His views are expressed in this article although it’s not exactly the same as the views of this site’s owners.

The secret of its seeming success probably lies in the hybrid design. This form has been adopted in an effort to marry both the budget requirement and the health needs of the general population. The majority of the expenses is shouldered by the government but it is helped in a minor way by private payments.

The original design for NZ’s healthcare was universal in nature. Over time, experience dictated that in order to sustain the program and still be able to offer quality care, the leaders had to find means to help it along. And so, the mixed public-private system of delivering care was born. The creation of other governmental agencies like the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) also helped to redirect those requiring specialized care. The ACC’s reach takes on expenses for all accident-related cases, even extending coverage for tourists who are visiting the country provided of course, that they have legal papers with them.

The current system can be considered superior if compared side by side with that of the US. Right now, it’s too early in the game to assess what kind of performance the new health care bill, the ACA, will have on the US health system but judging from the ruckus that the political parties are raising up, it might take awhile to see it fully in action. Now that’s one system that’s better funded, the question is, if their political parties will give it half a chance to work.

The strength of NZ’s health system is that it covers a broad range of medical services that are offered free through public hospitals. Its weakness involves the provision of services that are costly, like diagnostic imaging or cases that require major operations. This usually involves being on a long waiting list that could take awhile to be called on, unless your condition becomes critical in which case, you qualify for emergency care.

Image re-used with permission from Radiologic Technologist Schools

Image re-used with permission from
Radiologic Technologist Schools

It is because of this persistent concern that a back up system of health insurance plans came up. These policies assume the cost of operations and treatments for enrolled individuals. Other complimentary programs include PHARMAC, a government agency that takes over  the cost and regulate the use of medicines. They work on co-payments but offer subsidy for certain groups like those who have community health services card or individuals with higher health plans. Free emergency services are also available through the support of charities and a combination of public and private funds.

It is a fact that there’s still are lot of ground to cover to reach the status of having a truly efficient healthcare system. But what NZ has right now generally works and can be accessed by majority of the population. To have a system that allows you to get medical care and not have to worry if you have the funding or insurance for it is a definite advantage. It’s possibly the closest that you can get to an equitable health care system.


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Free Market Job Hunting

It’s impossible to look anywhere in the mass media today without hearing about the woeful state of the West’s economy. It’s true that things look pretty bleak at the moment, but there is something that many people haven’t stopped to consider when they whitter on about job loss: the free market will prevail, and it will self-correct.

This post was contributed by guest author Juan Ramirez, who is an expert on jobs and job creation in the free market, as you can see from his website. His posts can be found on a variety of sites across the ‘net, on topics ranging from jobs in business administration to the more obscure civil engineering entry level jobs.

One of the most important things to remember in this latest doom-and-gloom downturn is that it’s not like industry has suddenly collapsed. It’s a hiccup in the free market that is forcing people to figure out how to run businesses on leaner budgets, thanks to the globalization of various elements of the supply chain. It just doesn’t make sense to pay an American worker twice as much as a Chinese worker, when the work is of the same quality. It’s a harsh lesson, but if we try to keep our economy in stasis, we’ll never grow and evolve as a planet. All it requires is a bit of reconsideration of what it means to be employed. Sure, you can still try Pizza Hut jobs or jobs at Budweiser if you want to, but there are a number of international jobs available that pay excellently, they just require a re-consideration of what life looks like in a globalized market.

We no longer live in the world of the nuclear family from the 1950s, because it’s just not sustainable. It might be nice, but it’s just not in the cards. So we can whine about the good old days, or we can accept the fact that change is a necessary part of life and start looking for new ways to thrive in a global market economy. $internationalbusiness has become a fact of life, and we can’t pretend we live in an isolationist state, despite what our terror alerts would have us believe.

While you’re spending time figuring out how you fit into the global jobs market, there are still the pragmatic concerns of putting food on the table and making sure you can keep up with your mortgage payments, of course.

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Private Care for a Private Life

As you probably know by visiting this blog, we here are the antithesis of socialism. The free market should be the determining factor in the world, as the right to bargain in a free market is one of the most basic human rights. That extends to all areas of life, although we also believe there should be one exception: information. Information should be free, since it doesn’t rightfully cost anything. One of the areas that we find this is most true is the areas of health and wellness. Not by coincidence, this access to health information is one of the things that causes a major drag on the economies of countries with socialized medicine.

This guest post was contributed by James Leacock, a noted free-market capitalist who runs this website as well as some health and wellness sites, with posts ranging from types of diabetes all the way to hip pain relief.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but one of the largest drains on the budgets of nations with socialized healthcare is the amount of time paid out for simple consultations with doctors. As a paradoxical consequence of having seemingly ‘free’ access to doctors and nurses, many people visit the doctor when they could just as easily get the information they need all by themselves for free online. (Note: we’re not advocating self-diagnosis – if you’re in doubt, always get professional medical help). The kinds of things we’re talking about are less serious, things like top healthy snacks and lumbar support braces. Not serious enough to see a doctor for, as when you’re worried about your thyroid levels, but definitely important for the health and well being of those who are interested. It’s a fine line, maybe, but one that needs to exist in order to maintain the value of the time of doctors – another free market inevitability.

It may also seem paradoxical that we’re offering information for free in a free market (that’s not really what a ‘free’ market is all about, after all – it really just means unconstrained). But since there isn’t any particular value inherent to the information itself, we feel that the benefits of the information for keeping the potential customer base happy and interested in consumption far outweigh the potential gains from selling the information itself.


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Private Education Should Mean Private Jobs

A nurse completing some continuing education work

We return to one of my favourte topics today here at IHS with a special critique on the topic of private healthcare training vs public healthcare. Thanks to contributing author Joanie Stanis, who is a true expert in the field of healthcare training and education (although you can see from her website that she is more experienced with the American side of things). She posts regularly about free CEUs for nurses, and actually runs an LPN school in NJ, so she clearly knows what she’s talking about.

Thanks, IHS. I’m glad I’ve got the chance to get this off my plate and into the public domain on a site that will properly appreciate it. It’s something that’s bugged me about the NZ healthcare system since I first started looking into the differences between private healthcare and socialized medicine. Since specialized, higher-level education such as nursing degrees and certifications are trained by the private sector. why should the public sector get to benefit from this? The taxpayers are forced to handle the overflow from the private system, which is unfair to them. While a managed economy may have some uses, the free market should decide what’s going on here.

As a contrast, in the American system which I’m more familiar with, LVN programs generate high-quality staff and people are then forced to try to find employment in the free market of private healthcare, since there are no public jobs available when it comes to healthcare. As a former healthcare practitioner, I’m sympathetic to the needs of the poor and needy who can’t always afford the care that they need – but that doesn’t mean we should resort to socialized medicine! There are other, better alternatives.

For example, many people lately have been up in arms calling President Obama’s universal healthcare program a form of socialized medicine – but they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s actually going to be beneficial for nursing schools across the country, from LVN schools in California to accelerated nursing programs in New York, since there’s suddenly going to be an increased demand for private sector workers. As more and more people require care, more trained nurses will have to be found to fill the market gaps. This means that there will be a rise in the number of LPN programs, and the competition to get into top schools such as University of Colorado Nursing and the University of Maryland School of Nursing will become fiercer. We can only come out better off from this situation, since we’re going to be generating more and more qualified nursing professionals who had to work even harder to get where they are.


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